he Monastic Sangha

The Monastic Sangha

One of the principal aims or our organization is to help ensure that the global spread of Buddhism in the 21st Century does not result in the teachings becoming unmoored from their radical and powerfully transformative core, what we might call the heart of the Buddha’s teachings.

One way to do this is to connect students and teachers of Buddhadharma to the roots of the traditions represented in the Wats, Viharas, Temples, Monastaries and Nunneries of heritage and traditional Buddhist communities. Our hope is that in immersing in the life of the monastic Sangha students and teachers become deeply rooted in the tradition and forge links that will continue to nourish both their practice and their teaching for years to come.

With that in mind, we have been developing a map of traditional Buddhist communities that we believe may be open to this dialogue. The map is being refined and updated on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in connecting with or immersing in the monastic sangha and would like advice, guidance or introductions please get in touch using the form below. Likewise, if you would like to add a location to our map, please give the place details in the form and it will be added once it has been reviewed.


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